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Where does the name Grace Hill Come From?

"Centuries ago, there was a hill known as Golgotha which means "the place of the skull."  A horrible place of execution, it was for people in Jesus’ time a hill of death.   But an amazing change took place as Jesus was crucified - Death Hill became Grace Hill.   We love this name worth talking about.

Are you part of a larger movement of churches?

We are part of a new Presbyterian denomination known as the Evangelical Covenant Order of Presbyterians (ECO for short).  In the greater bay area, we are Menlo Church, Vintage Faith Church, Compass Church as well as Grace Hill Church   To learn more about ECO click this link.



We are all looking for a home, a place to belong and be cared for even as we care for others.

That’s kinship!  That’s Family! Wherever you are in this world – find the church and you’ve found home.


So we are all a little messed up!

And that is the amazing thing about grace.

It doesn’t start with us, but rather it starts with God reaching out to each of us. At Grace Hill we make space for God’s grace in each of our lives. 


What does God want from people? In a very short sentence, we’re given three great things:

to do justly, love mercy and walk humbly with God.

Justly – seek what is right, fair and good for all people.

Love Mercy – have a heart of grace.

Walk humbly – remember we don’t have it all together either.


We long to be a church where people think deeply and experience the things of God. It is our hope to develop all of our people – children, youth, adults

– in their gifts of leadership, service and knowledge

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